Meredith Sleep Centre
Rickard Road Bankstown

This service provides for diagnosis and treatment of all respiratory and sleep conditions. We provide healthcare that is experienced, advanced and accessible to everyone.

In order to diagnose sleep apnea, a patient must undergo a polysomnography (Sleep Study). This is typically done in a sleep laboratory, requiring the patient to spend the night in-lab, while we record physiological data. This is the gold standard mode of investigation as it provides the most accurate and reliable results.

However, in certain circumstances a Sleep Study can be performed at home. This can be especially advantageous to the housebound, elderly, or those with chronic illness, who require specialised care from a family member. Late in the afternoon, our sleep technologist administers the home sleep test at suite 2 level 5 41-45 Rickard Rd and then the patient is able to go home with the equipment.

In order to qualify for a home Sleep Study, you will need to complete two questionnaires.

Contact your GP or sleep specialist to see if this diagnostic test is appropriate for you.


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