Meredith Sleep Centre
Meredith Street Bankstown

The Meredith Sleep clinic is our flagship state of the art facility and contains a modern 6 bedroom clinic developed through a partnership with PHILIPS Healthcare, a world top 5 healthcare technology provider. Along with its sister unit at Waratah Private Hospital, the Meredith Sleep clinic offers Sydney’s best personalised sleep treatment and care.

This service provides for diagnosis and treatment of all respiratory and sleep conditions. We provide healthcare that is experienced, advanced and accessible to everyone.

Contact booking office on (02) 84057555 for all your appointment information

Sleep Clinic Information

Call (02) 8405 7555. Suite 4, Level 3, 2-14 Meredith Street Bankstown, NSW 2200

We want you to feel at home

Available Studies

  • Diagnostic Sleep Study

  • CPAP Titration Sleep Study

  • BIPAP/SV Titration Sleep Study

  • Oxygen study

  • Transcutaneous CO2 monitoring

  • Multiple Sleep Latency Test (MSLT)

  • Maintenance of wakefulness Test (MWT)

When you’re booked in for a Sleep Study, an Information Sheet will be sent to you. Prior to your appointment, please read our Sleep Study Information Sheet to prepare yourself for your stay with us. You will also be required to fill out a booking form prior to your stay. To do this, visit us on site to tour the facility before your test. Alternatively, download the booking form from this web page and email or fax it filled out back to us at:
Fax: (02) 84057554.

In the morning after your study, you will be served beverages and a small snack. The cafeteria on the ground floor opens at 7.00am if you desire a full breakfast.

Please call us on (02) 8405 7555 to confirm your appointment one business day prior to your test. Failure to confirm your appointment may result in CANCELLATION OF YOUR BOOKING.

A written referral from a registered medical practitioner is required for having a Sleep Study.


For directions, visit our Contact Us page, and for any more information, visit our FAQs page or contact us on (02) 8405 7555. We look forward to having you and thank you for choosing Meredith Sleep Clinic.